Handle for brushes with PVC endings

Wooden handles, shafts, sticks with a diameter of 22 mm, which were completed with a plastic trailer and thread. Plastic thread, Italian model according to DIN standard. Shafts for all types of brushes and mops. Made of hard wood with high mechanical strength. Plastic - technical material with enrichment additives.

"Pro" quality line, with Laguz labels. The shafts are additionally polished or waxed. To avoid deformation, the wood is dried at low temperature. Recommended for demanding customers. Tool attachment according to DIN standard.

“Economy” quality line, without Laguz labels. It differs from the professional line in the drying of the wood and in the quality of the handle surface. Permissible axial curvature up to 25 mm. Permissible minor defects, discoloration and small knots.

Picture Index Name Dimensions Weight Quantity in package The quantity on the palette EAN
akp2 Handle for brushes with PVC endings Diameter 22 mm, length 120 cm 340 g 25 1200 pieces 5 903856 210607