Plastic rakes

A wide assortment of plastic rakes from LAGUZ makes it possible to carry out all garden, agricultural and lightweight construction work throughout the year. The amount, length and distance of the teeth were selected according to the size of the surface to be worked so that the work becomes light and fast. The modern clamping system of the KLIK handle enables quick assembly and disassembly as well as the storage of the rakes. Depending on the model, our rakes are very flexible or rigid, which makes it possible to work in hard-to-reach areas such as dense gardens. Recommended LAGUZ handles made of wood, diameter 27 mm and 22 mm, "Pro" - or varnished "Premium" kinds.

The rakes are made of modern, technical plastic and are UV-resistant. The selected rake models were additionally reinforced with fiberglass to avoid abrasion of the teeth. LAGUZ plastic rakes, made in orange, guarantee the highest quality.