The company LAGUZ

The ŁAGUZ production group has been producing wood and plastic products since 1968. Today, ŁAGUZ is a Polish manufacturer of a wide range of horticultural, agricultural and construction products. Since 2010, the company has been intensively developing the range of cleaning and gardening equipment. The latest innovations led to the introduction of the Polish KLIK system from LAGUZ. It is a modern set of garden tools and brushes that are interchangeably combined with one KLIK aluminum bar.

We are constantly evolving, increasing productions, introducing new product lines, but also improving existing ones. Traditional wooden brushes and handles have been adapted to international DIN standards. We have introduced premium varnished wooden handles and new furniture bars to distribution and expanded our range of flagpole sizes. Plastic products have been modernized. The new snow shovels and plastic rakes are made of modern engineering plastics with high mechanical strength.

All our products have one thing in common: they are 100% made in Poland. We produce in the works of the Łaguz family and only with Polish cooperation partners. Since 2019, the company distributes as LAGUZ Sp. z o.o. (equivalent of Ltd.) in Poland.

Our offer:

Wooden handles in three quality lines:

1. Premium – varnished handles, manufactured according to DIN standards (Deutsches Institut für Normung).

2. Pro – handles according to DIN standards and Polish technical standards

3. Economy – affordable handles.

Industrial and household brushes in three quality lines:

1. Modern KLIK brushes

2. Quality line "Pro"

3. Quality line "Economy"

Plastic rakes.

Sorghum brooms.


Furniture bars.

Most of our production is exported. In Poland, they are available in large stores of the chains Polskie Składy Budowlane, Bricomarche and MajsterABC as well as in modern wholesalers and gardeners.