The Polish KLIK LAGUZ system

The Polish KLIK LAGUZ system

The Polish KLIK system is a modern aluminum handle that can be used for many gardening and construction tools from LAGUZ and much more. The KLIK handle is compatible with all tools manufactured to Polish technical standards of all manufacturers and also to DIN standards. 

The KLIK LAGUZ system tools are modern brushes and rakes that can do all the work in the house and garden all year round. The aim of the KLIK system is to save money and storage space when purchasing tools, a modern product for many types of applications.

The KLIK LAGUZ system currently consists of 10 tools and one aluminum handle. The KLIK LAGUZ tools are:

a) 3 models of HYBRID brushes with a length of 30 cm, 40 cm and 50 cm. The hybrid brush consists of two types of bristles. 1/2 of the width and the brushes are made of soft orange hair for sweeping small internal dirt. The other half of the brush is made of black, strong hair for construction and gardening. Hybrid is a combination of the advantages of a sweeper and a street brush, black hair removes large dirt and the orange takes care of the small garbage. Sweeping to you, the brush acts like a house-sweeper, sweeping from you it works like a street brush. One brush, many possibilities.

b) 1 model of a natural bristle brush - Natura 33 cm. Recommended for sweeping all surfaces, from fine stone and delicate panels to sweeping household and construction chemicals. Sweeps optimally and does not scratch the surface. Best quality when sweeping with LAGUZ products.

c) 4 rake models made of plastic, fan frame for leaves and grass with KLIK system, 460 mm, 480 mm, 580 mm and 600 mm wide. Rakes with different degrees of flexibility, number and distance of teeth and purpose.

d) 2 models with multiple teeth. Strong universal rake with 12 teeth and favorable adaptation to the KLIK system with 16 teeth for hay (new since 2018).

The advantages of the Polish KLIK system:

PRICE - very good value for money. 100% produced in Poland.

QUALITY - Plastic rakes made of high-quality engineering plastic with admixture of copolymer and glass fiber. The handle is made of anodized, mechanically high-strength aluminum.

COMPATIBILITY with cheap wooden handles for 27 mm rakes. There is a screw hole in each KLIK tool, and an aluminum handle can be interchangeably attached with a KLIK latch or 27 mm standard or varnished wood shafts. The compatibility is a unique selling point of the Polish KLIK LAGUZ system and increases the deployment and sales possibilities considerably.

VERSATILITY. The Polish KLIK LAGUZ system is an open system, i.e. the aluminum handle KLIK LAGUZ fits into tools of other manufacturers that comply with the Polish technical standard and the DIN standard.

COST-EFFECTIVE. Saves space and money when buying. After disconnecting, they can be stored in a small space. Buying one shaft is cheaper than even ten cheaper equivalents.